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stand and fight

My FUN new music to ROCK THE HOUSE in the 2018 midterms.



Rousing New version of Stand and Fight


I first released Stand and Fight in January 2017, as a song to express and inspire resistance to the 2016 presidential election. As we approach the one year anniversary of that election, I am releasing a new version of the music video. This 2018 version of Stand and Fight showcases many faces of resistance -- from this past year and from inspiring moments from our history. Please enjoy and share!


Download the Stand and Fight song


The Stand and Fight song is now available to download

 Thanks for Carolyn Walker, Mark Alan Miller, the folks behind Songs for Mass Resistance, my song can be downloaded for only $1.00. Proceeds go to the ACLU!


The Stand and Fight Project


“An Anthem for Our Time”-- Sanford Lewis, filmmaker

 “Tom Knight has up and pulled a Pete Seeger, and written a protest song. Chills.”- Anne Pecaro, parent

“I'm so inspired to see people who normally would sit out political battles jump with their hearts and their courage into this critically important fight” -- Eliza VanCort, Acting Teacher

On January 16, 2017, a week before the presidential inauguration, I released “Stand and Fight," which aimed to express and inspire resistance to the incoming president and the destructive policies many of us anticipated at that time.  Since then, I've written more songs on the theme of resistance, and created this project as a place to host new videos and songs as I release them in the coming weeks and months.


Rosy Shade of Pink - Tom Knight


I wrote this song to point out the parallels between what is happening in America today and the scapegoating and persecution of minorities throughout history.  But I also wanted to express my growing consciousness that as a middle-class white man, I have had the privilege of moving through the world without having the worry about being demonized and threatened.  I sing about one of the things we can do at a personal level – inviting folks into our home “for dinner and a couple of drinks” to create real relationships with people who are different from us.


Why I needed to Make this Music Video to Protest the Trump Administration


I have written over 1000 songs in my life.  Very few of these have been political in nature.  But after the 2016 election, I felt I had no choice but to use my skills as an artist to stand up and speak out.

 Inspired by protest songs from the Civil Rights and Depression Eras, by local interfaith leaders who have called on community members to affirm the sanctity of life and love in face of threats to civil rights, and by concerns and visions I heard my fellow artists and friends express, I wrote “Stand and Fight”  in the hope that this song might energize and inspire others.