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Tom Knight Productions

Watch this 45 second video to find out about the different things that Tom Knight does.

Tom Knight is a singer, songwriter, puppeteer and videographer based in Northampton, MA. He has been performing regularly as a puppeteer since 1986, and became a professional in 1992. He has produced 6 CDs, including "The Library Boogie" and "The Classroom Boogie."

As a videographer, Tom Knight creates videos for musicians, weddings, performers, websites and many other projects. 




"Tom Knight brings a totally delightful, engaging, artful performance. It appeals to the child in all of us, while effortlessly teaching manners, science, musical styles, and more."

M.Y., Pennsylvania

"I raised my daughter on Tom Knight's terrific music in the 90's and now am starting the next generation in the family. His lyrics are fun, his voice is wonderful. This is kid music you can listen to over and over and over."  

K.I., Denver

"I love my video!  Creating it with Tom was incredibly easy and rewarding.  He's professional.  He listened carefully to what I wanted, while skillfully adding his own creative flare, and attention to detail.  In a short amount of time, I had a product I'm thrilled to have represent my business.  I'd hire him again in a heart beat."

K C, Northampton